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Explore simpler, smarter Wi-Fi from HPE Networking Instant On to accelerate your small business.

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HPE Networking Instant On products

Business Wi-Fi made incredibly simple

Check "reliable, secure, fast Wi-Fi" off your to-do list. Set up your network of access points and switches in minutes with our mobile app and enjoy fast speeds inside and outside.

Manage your business network from anywhere, easily. Relax knowing your business, employees, and customers are protected by the latest security automatically—at no extra cost to you.

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A better way to Wi-Fi

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Easy set up and management

The Instant On app makes your business Wi-Fi incredibly simple. Set up takes a few clicks—no tech experience needed. Monitor and manage your business network anywhere from your phone, and keep tabs on who is connecting to which sites and apps.

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Blazing fast and wicked smart

Automatic data routing keeps all your info flowing on the fastest path. Continuous software updates keep your Wi-Fi operating at top speeds. And if an error is detected, your network heals itself.

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Security at no extra cost

Security is a must-have and it's included at no extra cost with Instant On. Easily separate business and employee traffic from customer traffic. Set hours for network availability and block specific sites and app categories to ward off malicious activity.

Get the right HPE Networking Instant On setup for your business

Tell us a bit about your business needs and your space, both indoors and out. We’ll put together the right setup that’ll give you great coverage and blazing-fast speeds.

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HPE Networking Instant On products

Problems solved

  • Our Smart Mesh has got you covered

    Smart Mesh Wi-Fi uses multiple Wi-Fi access points that communicate together to blanket your entire business with a strong signal. If you only need indoor coverage, you’ll choose from free-standing or mounted indoor access points. If you want to include exterior areas, adding wall-mounted outdoor access points built to withstand rain, snow, and summer heat is fast and simple.

  • Add more Wi-Fi access points

    Managing your network is simple with the Instant On app. With an easy-to-use interface and step-by-step guidance, you can quickly and easily add more devices—like access points, surveillance cameras, PoS systems and IoT devices—with the click of a button.

  • Enterprise-grade security is our standard

    Instant On features Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to minimize the risk of compromised user login credentials. 2FA provides an additional layer of protection—securing sensitive customer information and preventing attackers from remotely accessing your network.

  • Take control of your bandwidth

    Ensure the most important tasks in your business have the bandwidth they need for peak performance by setting bandwidth limits. Instant On automatically prioritizes business-critical video and voice calls.

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Ready for Wi-Fi that simply works for you?

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