Getting started with Aruba Instant On

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It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Really.

First things first: Prepare your workspace. Then, power up your access point and switch.


While it powers up, download the mobile app. Create an account and configure your network when ready.


Once you’re powered up and configured, you can connect. That’s it. Monitor and manage the rest from your phone.

More about the Aruba Instant On app.

Get the control you need to run your business remotely.
Add devices and manage your site—all from the palm of your hand.
No licensing or subscription fees required.

  • Simplified Smart Mesh setup.

    Add additional access points and extend your network with simple mesh setup.

  • Guided Instant On device set-up.

    Add access points and switches to your network with integrated installation wizard within the Instant On app.

  • Always up-to-date. Always secure.

    One less chore for you. Updates your software automatically when and where you want.

  • App Classification Control and Visibility.

    Along with blocking certain application categories, get a simplified view of the top five apps used in the network.

  • Multi-network management.

    Create and manage separate guest and employee networks with ease.

  • Schedule Wi-Fi Access.

    You can now easily limit Wi-Fi usage for your guest and employees based on time of day.


Access Aruba Instant On the Web.

Same easy-to-use features. Bigger screen.
Manage your network from the browser of your choice.
(Don’t forget to bookmark.)


Key Features

Open Guest Network

Provide improved flexibility for your customers to access the network without going through additional steps.

LED Quiet Mode

Turn off the LED lights on the AP with a single click fo the app. Seamlessly blend your device into the environment.

Simplify troubleshooting with Bluetooth

Troubleshoot any network issues on the access point using your Instant On mobile app by leveraging the enterprise-grade Bluetooth module within the Instant On APs.

Take control of your network band

You can choose your network to be on 2.4GHz, 5GHz or both. Now, you can tune your network better by selecting channels. Enabling and disabling a channel can be done with a single click.