Getting Started with Aruba Instant On

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It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Really.

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First things first: Prepare your workspace. Then, power up your access point or switch.

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As it powers up, download the mobile app. Create an account and configure your network when ready.

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Once you’re powered up and configured, you can connect. That’s it. Monitor and manage the rest from your phone.

More about the Aruba Instant On app.

Get the control you need to run your business remotely.
Add devices and manage your site—all from the palm of your hand.
No licensing or subscription fees required.

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How Instant On devices connect to the network behind a gateway or firewall before reaching the internet
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  • Simplified smart mesh setup.

    Add additional access points and extend your network with simple mesh setup.

  • Guided device setup.

    Add access points and switches to your network with the integrated installation wizard in the Instant On app.

  • Hassle-free deployment.

    Let Aruba Instant On serve as the primary Wi-Fi router to your network. Just connect your access point to your modem and you’re all set.

  • App classification control & visibility.

    Get a simplified view of the top 5 apps used in the network. Plus, block specific application categories.

  • Multi-network management.

    Create and manage separate guest and employee networks with ease.

  • Bandwidth limits.

    Stop bandwidth hogs. Improve your wireless network performance.

  • Client visibility and blocking.

    Get visibility into your connected devices. Block specific, unwanted clients from accessing your network.

  • Wired and wireless access control list.

    Prevent malicious traffic from entering your network. Restricting user access to specific websites or subnets.


Access Aruba Instant On on the web.

Same easy-to-use features. Bigger screen.
Manage your network from the browser of your choice.
(Don’t forget to bookmark.)

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The key features of Aruba Instant On.

Auto-Optimized Radios

Get optimized network performance—even in the most congested environments. Automatically go the best 802.11 channel and transmitting power for each AP in its current RF environment.

Advanced WPA3 Support

Secure your network and provide access using a shared password. Choose either WPA2 security standards or the more advanced WPA3 security standards from your mobile app.

Simplified Troubleshooting

Take advantage of the enterprise-grade Bluetooth modules found in each of our access points. Troubleshoot any network issues you may have straight from our mobile app.

Automatic Band Selection

Get the best network band at any given time. Or, manually choose 2.4GHz, 5Ghz, or both. Enable and disable channels with a single click.