Accordo sulla privacy e sulla sicurezza dei dati trattati da HPE

HPE Networking Instant On, servizi del prodotto

This Data Privacy and Security Agreement ("DPSA") Schedule governs the privacy and security of Personal Data Processed by HPE in connection with the Services on Customer’s behalf and is made a part of the agreement between HPE and Customer, or if no agreement exists, HPE’s standard terms and conditions (“Agreement”).

Exhibit A – HPE Networking Instant On Offering

In this Exhibit, HPE describes the terms specific to different HPE Networking Instant On offerings, including its commitment to technical and organizational security measures to protect Customer Personal Data.

Please see specific data privacy Product Data Sheet.

Data Processing and Security Data Sheet HPE Networking Instant On

Additional information in connection with Data Processing and Security is provided below.

HPE performs the following Services:

Instant On is a networking solution for small and medium sized businesses and enterprises. The solution offers a mobile app and web portal for configuration, monitoring, reporting and troubleshooting purposes. The mobile app and web portal are driven by a cloud platform that maintains information about the customer’s network and deployment to enable the offered management and other services.

Customer Personal Data

Instant On knows the following user information

  • User’s email address
  • User’s country information
  • MAC address of Access Points
  • IP address of Access Points
  • MAC address of connected wireless clients on site
  • IP address of connected wireless clients on site
  • Application visibility and counters: keep traffic usage on a per client, with coarse visibility on applications or web site category being accessed.

Data subjects to whom Customer Personal Data pertains are

All users who access Customer’s wireless network.

With respect to Customer Personal Data, Customer is acting as


HPE shall process Customer Personal Data only as follows:

HPE and its affiliates will (i) have access to customer personal data hosted in HPE’s cloud platform as part of the operation of the product and (ii) during product support and maintenance services.

Product Operation: All data (personal and non-personal) that is stored in the cloud platform to enable product operation including product functionality, configuration, monitoring, reporting and troubleshooting services will be available for the purpose of enabling product operation.

Support and Maintenance Services: All data (personal and non-personal) is accessible to the Instant On Technical Support team only for the purpose of helping a customer through a support and/or maintenance ticket(s).

Security and encryption

Our applications are hosted on AWS. AWS data center(s) security certifications can be found at

Third Party Security Certifications:


Privacy-specific certifications: