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  • Good
  • Get up and running with AP11.
    Light usage. 25 Users. 50 Devices. From $79.99.

    • Easy setup, security & management—web or mobile.
    • Ideal for browsing, email & the occasional video conference.
    • Best suited for small stores & home offices.

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  • Better
  • Make the leap with AP12.
    Moderate usage. 50 Users. 75 Devices. From $133.99.

    • Handles more users and connected devices.
    • Ideal for business travelers, bandwidth hogs & guests with modern needs—think Cloud-based apps, voice calling, music & video streaming.
    • Best suited for small stores, bustling cafés, law firms & boutique hotels.

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  • Best
  • Fastest of the fast with AP15.
    Heavy usage. 75 Users. 100 Devices. From $189.98.

    • Offers high-performance streaming and unified communications.
    • Ideal for video conferencing, remote collaboration, critical productivity/sales apps & multimedia content creation.
    • Best suited for fast-paced businesses, startups & power users.

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  • Outdoors
  • Take Wi-Fi outside with AP17.
    Outdoor usage. 25 Users. 50 Devices. From $216.75.

    • Designed to withstand rain, snow, hail & extreme temperatures.
    • Ideal for expanding network coverage to outdoor eating areas, swimming pools, warehouses & open-air lots.
    • Best suited for restaurants, cafés, boutique hotels, parking lots & shipping/receiving environments.

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All Aruba Instant On Access Points come with the following top-of-the-line network features:

  • Free Remote Cloud management and monitoring​
  • Adaptive Radio Management
  • Band Steering
  • Traffic Management
  • Wave 2
  • Multi-User MIMO
  • WPA2/WP3 & Enhanced Open for Secure Network Access

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