Viewing and Blocking Application Access

The Applications page provides a brief description of the various application categories and allows you to restrict or grant access to those applications on your employee or guest network. This page also provides details of the total data usage (in bytes), total usage percentage, and the networks for which the application category is blocked.

Viewing Applications

To view the Applications Details for a specific application category, follow these steps:

  1. Click Applications on the Aruba Instant On home page. The Applications page opens.
  2. Select an application category from the Applications list to view the details of the application.

Blocking Application Access

The Aruba Instant On web application allows you to set restrictions to access certain applications on basis of their category:

  1. Click Applications on the Instant On home screen. The various application categories are displayed.
  2. Navigate to Applications tab and select an application category from the Applications list. The selected application category opens.
  3. Under Activity for the last 24 hours, uncheck the Allow use checkbox for the selected employee or guest networks.

If the client tries to access a website which is blocked, a notification is displayed on the screen indicating that access to the website is blocked by web policies set by the administrator.