Viewing Application Information

The Applications page provides the following information about types of applications accessed by clients in your network:

Table 1: Application Information




Shows the name of the application category. See Analyzing Application Usage for the complete list of application categories.

Total Usage

Shows the total usage for a given application category, in bytes.

Total Usage %

Shows the total usage for a given application category, in percentage (%).

Applications Visibility and Control

This page allows you to configure application visibility and control settings for the network. To configure application visibility and control settings on the network, follow these steps:

  1. To navigate to the Visibility and Control page, tap the Applications () tile on the Instant On home screen. Tap the advanced menu () icon in the Applications page and select Visibility and control. The Visibility and Control page is displayed.
  2. Select one of the available options:
    • Application details (default)—Provides a detailed view of date usage by different applications and websites accessed by clients in the network. Applications chart and Applications list are displayed only when this option is selected. This option is enabled by default.
    • Application activity summary—Provides only an overview of uploaded and downloaded data of all the networks for the last 24 hours in the Applications page. Choose this option for better network performance. Selecting this option hides the Applications tab in the mobile app.

Application visibility and control setting configured in this page affects how the application wise data usage information of the client is displayed in the following pages:

  • Applications page.
  • Client Details page.
  • Applications tab in the Networks page.

Analyzing Application Usage Data by Category

After you have filtered out the Total Usage data based on different application categories, you can view the data usage on each employee or guest network at the site.

To view the application data based on its category in the mobile app:

  • Tap the Applications () tile on the Instant On home page. The Total Usage data is displayed in the Applications page. Tap on any of the web categories to view the usage data.

The following data is displayed for each category:

  • Websites and applications most visited—Displays the data for the top five application categories (by usage).
  • Activity for the last 24 hours—Displays the data for the last 24 hours on the Instant On network.
    • Network—Displays the list of employee and guest networks active for the last 24 hours.
    • Type—Denotes if the network is an employee or a guest network

Applications Chart

Data for the top five application categories (by usage) is displayed in a donut chart. If more than five application categories have been accessed throughout the day, the fifth section of the Applications chart is represented as Other. Any applications that do not fall under the top four application categories are grouped into Other.

Applications List

Data for every application category is displayed in a list, which is organized in descending order by usage.