Viewing Client Details

The Client Details page provides detailed information about clients in your network. The Client Details page is accessed from the Connected clients page. Instant On clients are of two types — wired and wireless. Wireless clients include laptops, personal computers, tablet, mobile phones, etc. that connect to the Instant On network through wireless. Wired clients on the other hand are printers, server, switches, and infrastructure devices connected to the wired network. Wired clients are further classified into infrastructure clients. Infrastructure clients are switches and other network devices through which other wired clients are connected to the network.

To view the Client Details page for a specific client, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Clients tile on the Instant On home page. The Clients page is displayed.
  2. Select the Connected clients tab to view the list of clients to your site.
  3. Click on icon beside the client name from the list to view the Client Details page.

The Client Details page lists the following information:

Column Label


Client Name and Device Details

Client name

Denotes the name of the wireless client. The client name can be edited and updated to a custom name of your choice. The length of the client name can be between 1 to 32 characters. Blank spaces and special characters are accepted as a valid characters in the client name.

IP Address

IP address of the client.

MAC Address

MAC address of the client.


Operating system (OS) of the client device.

Security Details

Security Details

This section displays the security standard used by the wireless client to connect to the network.

Connection Details


The network to which the client is connected. Clicking on the network name will take you to the Network Details page.


Displays the duration for which the client is connected to the network.


The network device to which the client is connected. Clicking on the device name will take you to the Device Details page.

Device Connected On

Displays the details of the Instant On 1960 Series switch in a stack to which the client is connected to.

NOTE: This information is displayed only for clients connected to a stack.

Wi-Fi Standard

The Wi-Fi standard of the client connection. The Wi-Fi standard mapping is displayed as follows:

  • Wi-Fi 5— 802.11ac standard.
  • Wi-Fi 4— 802.11n standard.

NOTE: The Wi-Fi standard will not be displayed for legacy Wi-Fi clients using 802.11b or 802.11g standards.

AP Radio

The radio of the AP to which the client is connected.

Connection Health


The general health status of the client.

Signal / Speed

Indicates the client signal quality. Based on the client’s Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR), the signal quality is denoted as follows:

  • Good — Signal Strength of 25 dB or higher.
  • Fair — Signal strength between 16 dB and 25 dB.
  • Poor — Signal strength of 15 dB or lower

Data Usage and Transfer Rates


The download throughput of the device in the last 30 seconds, in bytes per second.


The upload throughput of the device in the last 30 seconds, in bytes per second.


Shows the total amount of data transferred during the session, in bytes.

Application Data Usage (only for wireless clients)

Top Application Category

This section displays the data usage by the client, for various application categories. The categories that are visited by the client is also represented by a pie chart. This is displayed only for wireless clients.