Application Error Messages

Starting from Instant On 2.4.0, the mobile app and web application displays error messages if an unexpected event occurs when performing certain operations. The error message also includes a recommended action, if applicable, to troubleshoot the issue. The message is displayed on the screen for a fixed duration based on the error type. Below are some of the error messages displayed by the application when an unexpected event occurs:

Table 1: Application Error Messages

Error Type

Error Message

Message Lifespan

Operation Failed

Operation failed to be executed. The data will be reloaded.

Message is displayed on the screen for a short duration and then removed.

Connectivity Lost

Your internet connection appears to be offline.

Messaged is displayed on the screen until connectivity with the cloud is recovered.

Application Error

Instant On has encountered a system error. Please try again and contact support if the problem persists.

Message is displayed on the screen until the user takes action or logs out.