Delete Account

The Delete Account screen allows you to delete an Instant On administrator account and revoke access to any associated products and services. The administrator account will be deleted with all its associated data.If the deleted account was being used as the primary administrator account, all sites that belonged to the account will be deleted, and all devices will be factory reset.Sites with multiple administrator accounts will not be deleted if one of the accounts is deleted.The following procedure allows you to delete an Instant On administrator account:

  1. Click on the account name displayed on the header and select Account management from the drop-down menu. The Account Management page is displayed.
  2. In the Account management page, click Delete Account.
  3. In the Delete Account page, select the checkbox beside Permanently delete all my account data, including associated sites and device configurations. The Delete Account button becomes active.
  4. Click the Delete Account button.
  5. A pop-up is displayed on the screen with a warning sign indicating the account will be permanently deleted, in addition to a code.
  6. Enter the code in the text box below and click Delete to permanently delete your Instant On account.