Aruba Instant On Help Center

Time Zone Settings

The time zone is set automatically when the device is configured for the first time. However, if you wish to change the time zone settings, the Time Zone page allows you to set the local time zone, date, and time for your Aruba Instant On site. This information is used for the following Aruba Instant On features:

  • Displaying daily statistics for your network.
  • Enforcing network availability schedules.
  • Performing daily image checks on the Aruba Instant On image server.

Setting a Local Time Zone

To set the local time zone for your Aruba Instant On site, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the site name and select Site management from the drop-down menu. The Administration page is displayed by default.
  2. Click Time zone to open the Time Zone page.
  3. Select a time zone from the Site local time zone drop-down list.

After the local time zone is set, Aruba Instant On automatically updates the local date and time under Site local date & time.