Multiple Sites

When you login to the Aruba Instant On mobile app using your administrator account credentials, the My Sites page is displayed if multiple Aruba Instant On sites are registered to your account. To view or manage the settings of a particular site, click on any of the registered sites listed on this page.

Account Management

In case of multiple sites, select the advanced menu () icon on the My Sites screen. Else, tap the icon with an alphabet, on the mobile app header. The Account Management page is displayed. For more information, refer to Managing Your Account.

The alphabet in the icon will appear based on the first letter of your registered email account.

Setup a New Site

  1. To register a new Instant On site to your account, tap the advanced menu () icon and select Setup a new site. You will be redirected to the initial setup page.
  2. Follow the instructions given in Setting Up Your Wireless Network to add a new Instant On site.
  3. If you already have more than one site configured, and would like to setup a new site under your registered account, tap the advanced menu () icon in the My Sites screen.

Sign Out

Click on this field to sign out from your Aruba Instant On account.

Help & Support

Tap the advanced menu () icon and select () help to launch Help & Support page. Following are the available technical support options:

  • Help center—Opens the Aruba Instant On documentation portal. For more information, see
  • Community - Provide a place for members or participants to search for information, read and post about topics of interest, and learn from each other. For more information, see
  • Support center—Opens the Aruba Instant On Support Portal, which provides information on warranty and support policy for the product you selected and also the on-call technical support. For more information, see
  • Support resources—Allows you to generate a support ID by clicking on the Generate Support ID button. The ID is then shared with Aruba Support personnel to run a diagnosis on your device.