Site Management

To view the Site Management page, tap the advanced menu () icon on the Aruba Instant On home screen. The Site Management page displays the following user settings that can be modified in the Aruba Instant On application:

  • Administration
  • Time zone
  • Software update


The Administration page allows you to modify administrator information, including your Aruba Instant On site name and account credentials. You can also add a secondary administrator account to manage the site. See Administration Settings for more details on the Administration page.

Time Zone

The Time Zone page allows you to set the local time zone, date, and time for your Aruba Instant On site. See Time Zone Settings for more details on the Time Zone page.

Software Update

You can now manage your software updates by creating schedules using the Instant On mobile app and web application. For more information, see Updating the Software Image on an Instant On Site.