Local Management for Switches

The Aruba Instant On switches can also be managed using the local WebUI of the switch. This can be done when the switch is in its factory default state and connected to the internet.

The following procedure describes how to access the local WebUI of the switch:

  1. Type the IP address of the switch in your web browser and press enter. The landing page of the local WebUI is displayed.
  2. Click the CONNECT tab in the For Local Management side of the landing page.

The switch cannot be onboarded or managed from the Instant On mobile app or web interface once the local management for the switch is selected. The switch needs to be reset to factory default from the local WebUI to switch to the cloud management mode.

If you had opted to manage the switches using the cloud mode earlier (Instant On mobile app or web application), and want to switch to the local WebUI:

  1. Click the Inventory() tile on the Aruba Instant On home page or click the Site Health() banner and then click on Show inventory.
  2. Click the () arrow next to a switch in the Inventory list and then click Actions tab.
  3. Select Switch to local management. Selecting this option will remove the switch and its configuration from the inventory.

Switch Provisioning Using the Local WebUI

The local WebUI provides an option to configure a static IP on the Instant On switch. The switch receives its default IP address from the DHCP server. The following procedure configures a static IP address and other IP addressing information on the switch using the local WebUI:

  1. In the local WebUI, click the Change network connectivity link at the bottom of the page.
  2. Under IP addressing, select the Static radio button.
  3. Enter the IP address, Netmask, Gateway IP, and DNS information.
  4. Click Apply.

The following procedure configures a management VLAN for the switch using the local WebUI:

  1. Under Management VLAN, select the Tagged on uplink port radio button.
  2. Enter the Management VLAN ID and the Uplink port ID.
  3. Click Apply.