Network Access

The Network Access tab in the Instant On web application allows you to configure network access restrictions for wired clients based on IP destination addresses.

The following procedure configures network access restrictions on a wired network:

  1. Click Networks () tile on the Instant On home page. The Networks page is displayed.
  2. Click the () arrow next to the wired network and click on Network Access tab.
  3. Configure one of the of the following settings on your network:
    • Unrestricted access (default)—This is the default setting for wired networks. This option allows users to access any destination available to the network.
    • Restricted access—This option restricts users to access only the internet and prevents them from accessing internal network resources. To allow the users to access specific network resources, enter the Resource IP address in the list of IP addresses and click .

Important Points to Note

  • The locked port and restricted network features are independent. A single wired port cannot be locked and be dedicated to a restricted network at the same time.
  • If a scenario occurs where a wired port is used both as a locked port and in a restricted network, the locked port feature will take precedence.
  • A maximum of eight wired networks can be restricted at the same time. Once the maximum limit is reached, a message is displayed on the page indicating the same.