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Aruba Instant On allows you to enable or disable a network for users at a particular time of the day. You can now create a time range schedule specific to the employee network, during which access to the Internet or network is restricted. This feature is particularly useful if you want the Wi-Fi network to be available to users only during a specific time, for example, only when your business is operational.

Creating an Access Schedule for an Employee Network

To create a network access schedule for an employee network, follow these steps:

  1. Click Networks () tile on the Instant On home page. The Networks page is displayed. Click the () arrow next to the employee network to view the configuration parameters.
  2. Click the Schedule tab.
  3. Select Ruled by a schedule checkbox, to enable the network schedule.
  4. Under Days of the week, select the day(s) during which the network will be active.
  5. Select one of the following options under Active hours during the day:
    1. All day: The network is active throughout the day.
    2. Active between: The network is only active between the designated Start Time and End Time. Network access can be configured to end on the same day or the next day. When a time prior to the Start Time is selected as the End Time, a Next Day alert is displayed indicating that the end time is configured on the next day. This enables you to configure scheduled networks for your business when the active hours extend to the early hours of the next day.
  6. Click Save.