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Bandwidth Usage

The bandwidth consumption for an employee or guest network can be limited based on the client MAC address. The configured limit will be maintained even when the client roams from one AP to another within the network.

To configure a bandwidth limit, follow these steps:

1. Tap Networks () tile on the Instant On home page and select an employee network or guest network from the list.

2. Select the employee or guest network and tap the More options drop-down.

3. Tap Bandwidth Usage and move the slider to set the speed limit for the employee or guest network. The limit is set to Unlimited by default. The available speed limits are:

1 Mbps—Good for emails, VoIP, web surfing, music, and social media.

5 Mbps—Good for online gaming, video conferences and streaming videos.

10 Mbps—Good for HD video streaming.

25 Mbps—Good for 4K video streaming.

Unlimited—There is no limit for internet usage per client.

4. The changes are auto saved. Tap the back arrow () to return to the employee or guest network details page.