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Network Assignment

The Network Assignment page facilitates the assignment of wired networks to Instant On devices at the site. All the ports on an Instant On AP11D router or switch can now be configured at the same time and assigned to a particular VLAN network. The Network Assignment page provides a global view of the wired network and displays all the devices deployed at the site. Every port on the Instant On devices at the site can be assigned in bulk to a particular VLAN, expect for the following:

  • The uplink port
  • A port where an Instant On device is connected.
  • A port that is configured as part of a trunk.
  • A port that uses 802.1x

The following procedure configures the network assignment on Instant On devices:

  1. Tap Networks () tile on the Instant On home page and select a wired network from the list. The network details page is displayed.
  2. Under More options, tap Network assignment. The Network Assignment screen is displayed with the list of all the wired Instant On devices at the site.
  3. Select a wired device and tap on one of the following options, to assign the network VLAN in bulk to all the ports:
    • Clear—Removes the VLAN from all the ports.
    • All tagged—Assigns and tags the VLAN of a particular wired network to all the ports of the selected Instant On device.
    • All untagged—Assigns and untags the VLAN of a particular network to all the ports of the selected Instant On device.

Besides assigning the VLAN in bulk to all the ports, you can also modify the status of each port by tapping on it. The status of the port is changed to C (clear), T (tagged), or U (untagged) subsequently every time you tap on a particular port.

  1. Tap the back arrow (). The changes are saved automatically.