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Shared Services

Aruba Instant On mobile app allows clients to discover devices and shared services available on the same or different networks in your site.

Some of the main services supported are:

  • AirPlay™—Apple® AirPlay allows wireless streaming of music, video, and slide shows from your iOS device to Apple TV® and other devices that support the AirPlay feature.
  • AirDrop™—Apple® Airdrop allows you to share and receive photos, documents and more with other Apple devices that are nearby.
  • Google Cast—This protocol is built-in to Chromecast devices or Android TV and allow playing audio or video content on a high-definition television by streaming content through Wi-Fi from the Internet or local network.
  • AirPlay™—Apple® Airprint allows you to print from an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch directly to any Airprint compatible printers.
  • Sharing—Applications such as disk sharing and file sharing, use the service ID that are part of this service on one or more Apple® devices.
  • RemoteMgmt—Use this service for remote login, remote management, and FTP utilities on Apple® devices.
  • DLNA Media—Applications such as Windows Media Player use this service to browse and play media content on a remote device.
  • DLNA Print—This service is used by printers that support DLNA.

For information on deploying shared services, see Deploying Multicast Shared Services.

To configure shared services on an employee network, follow these steps:

1. Tap Networks () tile on the Instant On home page and select an employee network from the list. The Employee Details page is displayed.

2. Under More options, tap Shared services to view the following information:

Services detected on this network—Lists all the services available on the current network. The services detected on the same network are always available for the clients to access without restriction.

Services detected on other networks—Lists all the services available on other employee networks of your site. By default, the services connected to other networks are disabled. Slide the toggle switch to enabled(), to allow clients to access the shared services available on other networks.