Aruba Instant On Help Center


The DNS page allows you to configure the DNS server used by the Instant On network. This is a global setting for the Instant On network.

Follow these steps to configure a DNS server for the network:

  1. Click the Inventory tile on the Aruba Instant On home page or click the Site Health banner and the click on Show inventory.
  2. Click the advanced settings () icon and select DNS.
  3. Select either of the three options:
    • Automatic(default) — Configure Cloudflare DNS ( as the DNS server. This option is selected by default.
    • Network assigned — Configure DNS assigned by the network as the DNS server, for networks without a router.
    • ISP assigned — Configure DNS assigned by ISP as the DNS server, for networks with a router.
    • Custom — Specify a custom DNS server. You can create up to 3 DNS servers for the network. To create a custom DNS server, follow these steps:
      1. Select the Custom radio button.
      2. Enter the IP address of the DNS server and click +. To remove a DNS server click on the delete icon next to the DNS entry.