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Power Schedule

The Power Schedule page allows you to configure a schedule for Instant On switches and PoE capable devices to supply power to devices connected to them. This setting is global and applies to switches and PoE capable access points.

The Power Schedule feature does not take effect on:

  • Uplink port
  • Ports to which Instant On access points and switches are connected.
  • Link aggregation ports

Follow these steps to configure a power schedule for PoE powered devices on the network:

  1. Click the Inventory tile on the Aruba Instant On home page or click the Site Health banner and the click on Show inventory.
  2. Click the advanced settings () icon and select Power Schedule.
  3. Select the days on which the switch should supply power to devices under Days of the week.
  4. Configure the time period for when the devices should be powered through PoE under Active hours during the day.
    1. All Day - The switch provides power to the connected PoE devices throughout the day.
    2. Active Between - The switch provides power to the connected PoE devices for the specified time period. Configure the Start Time and End Time for PoE supply as required.

      When the End Time is configured prior to the starting time, a Next day label is displayed, indicating that the switch will turn off PoE supply for the device at the configured time on the next day.

Although the Power Schedule option is globally applicable, the usage of the schedule can be turned off for individual ports. The option to turn off power schedule for individual ports is available in the Port section of the Switch Details page. For more information, see Power Management.