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Alerts are triggered by the system when an unusual activity is observed with the network devices on the site.

The Alert () icon appears on the title bar of the mobile app when there is a pending alert. The number of alerts in the system is displayed as a colored badge on top of the Alert () icon. The color of the badge determines the severity of the alert present in the system. When there are no alerts present in the system or all the alerts have been acknowledged, the Alert () icon will not appear in any of the title bars on the mobile app.

To view the Alert history, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the Site Health banner () on the Instant On home page.
  2. On the Site Health main page, you will see the details of the latest alert. Click Show alert history. The Alerts page displays a list of all the alerts received by the app, including the active alerts and the ones that have been cleared.
  3. Tap the alert you want to acknowledge and view the Probable causes and Recommended actions you can take to clear the alert.

When there are multiple active alerts received by the application, the summary box in the Site Health page displays the active alerts with the highest severity in the system along with their color codes. For example: Major active alert takes the highest priority and is displayed in a red summary box. The Alerts page displays the list of active alerts in descending order of their severity and the order by which they should be acknowledged.

Alert Triggered When Instant On AP25 Access Point is Underpowered

The Instant On AP25 access points require a minimum power 802.3at (Class 4) to function properly. In an event where the device is underpowered, an alert is displayed on the Access Point Details page. The Radios section of the page also displays a warning after disabling the radio settings of the AP. The LED on the device continues to flash rapid amber until sufficient power supply is provided and turns to solid green.

When the underpowered AP25 access points is a mesh point, no alert or warning will be displayed on the Instant On application.