HPE Networking Instant On reseller welcome pack

Thank you for your stock purchase of Instant On! Now let’s kick-start incredible Wi-Fi sales for your small business customers, while building a great relationship with Instant On and your distributor.

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Here are your 5 Steps to Success for HPE Networking Instant On opportunities:

Step 1: Get ready for action!

  • Fine-tune your Instant On sales skills with our Instant On Brainshark training. It only takes 15 minutes!
  • You are also receiving free Instant On demonstration unit(s)* with your order. Get set up quickly and demonstrate value to potential customers with ease.

* 25 bundle = 1 demo unit free; 50-bundle = 2 demo units free; 100 bundle = 5 demo units free.

Brainshark training screen

Step 2: Add HPE Networking Instant On to your website

Develop your Instant On online presence using our online banners, product images, copy blocks and at a glance document.

Collateral and product image

Step 3: Get social to create awareness and drive online sales

Get the message out to your followers with our pre-written social media posts and images. Add your logo to our emailer and send to your customers and prospects.

Social image and email sample

Step 4: Call your customers and prospects

Make a connection with our call guide. Pro tip: our at a glance document is a great resource for your team, and can even be sent to potential and future clients!

Pages from at a glance document

Step 5: Register as an HPE Partner and unlock more HPE Networking Instant On assets and opportunities

Register for our Partner Ready For Networking program and get access to a whole lot more Instant On assets, plus details on how to expand your business with our other industry-leading solutions.

Screen of the Partner Ready For Networking portal